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Top Quality Decorating Services

We offer a friendly service by skilled and professional tradesmen in all London areas. We have over 14 years’ experience in providing painting and decorating services.



The Highest Quality Decorating Services

We provide a wide range of different services aimed to make properties more habitable and appealing. In many cases we are able to increase their values and make them easier to rent or sell.

Our approach to providing the highest quality decorating services is very simple – it’s all about trust, competence and integrity. No job is too big or small.


Areas of Work

Our projects which we handle may be broad in scope ranging from planning the designs of both home and commercial properties, through structural modifications to choosing the paint colours or wallpapers and fitting the covings, and then painting and decorating the walls and ceilings. The projects have been ranging from a single room to the whole flat or building. We may provide the materials which are essential to complete the work, or they may be supplied to us by the client.

Top Quality Decorating

  • General Painting and Decorating
  • Exterior & Interior Works
  • Wallpapers, Vinyl and Lining Papers Hanging
  • Doors and Windows Stripping and Re-painting
  • Woodwork and Floor Sanding and Varnishing
  • Hand-painted furniture / kitchen units
  • Sash windows repairs / Replace rotten sashes and sills / Return usability to windows that have been broken
  • Repair damage after leaks
  • Scaffolding

“Simas offers a first class decorating service and puts himself out to fit in with conflicting requirements such as ‘working from home.’ He is very disciplined, I always think because of his previous career in professional cycling which understands that physical work requires physical care of himself and his team. The work benefits. He knows when specialist materials are required and offers aftercare if necessary. He is personable and completely trustworthy. I have already recommended him to neighbours”.

Anne Zachary, Bushwood Road, West London

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