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What Our Clients Say

“Simas and his team are a pleasure to work with; they work hard, carefully, and not too noisily. They are very thorough about preparation, which results in a fine finish. Simas is very conscientious at ensuring that, after the decorating is finished, the room is restored exactly as it was before work began, and the furniture and effects had to be moved to be protected. Recommended.”


Simon Wethered, W4, London

“Simas and his team have now completed two projects for me, including redecorating both the exterior and interior of my property. I have found them to be very responsive, reliable, considerate, flexible and trustworthy. Both projects were completed very quickly, and with minimal disruption. The standard of finish is high, and was very reasonably priced. I wouldn’t hesitate to request their services again in the future, or indeed recommend their expertise to others.”



Jeremy Bate, SE19, London

“Simas offers a first class decorating service and puts himself out to fit in with conflicting requirements such as ‘working from home.’ He is very disciplined, I always think because of his previous career in professional cycling which understands that physical work requires physical care of himself and his team. The work benefits. He knows when specialist materials are required and offers aftercare if necessary. He is personable and completely trustworthy. I have already recommended him to neighbours”.




Anne Zachary, Bushwood Road, West London

“We found Simas fortuitously when he was painting our neighbours house and our house was being painted by our builder’s painter. It was immediately obvious that Simas was an exceptional craftsman. His advice to us even then saved us by requiring our builder to do some better preparation work such as leaving window sealant long enough to set before applying the paint. “

“Simas has provided us with great advice of what needs to be painted and how it needs to be prepared to provide a lasting quality finish. He has fixed up many errors of other people. “

“We have been using Simas now for more than 5 years and have banned our managing agent from allowing anyone else to use paint at our property as we trust Simas to do a solid and detailed preparation work, an excellent choice and application of any painting required and leave the place cleaner than it was when he walked in the door. “

“We find Simas super reliable and requires no supervision. An important point when you are a landlord abroad. Our tenants have expressed amazement at his dedication to leave no indication of his visit. He’s been known to put paper under anything he puts on the floor, including his bicycle. “

“Simas does what he says he will in the timeframe required and produces a high quality job for a very reasonable price. His dedication to doing the job properly, including the proper preparation and the right application results in a lasting quality finish. “

“A quality painting job needs the right advice, the right preparation and the right application of a quality paint. We have found all of that in the service provided by Simas at good value for money by a very reliable craftsman. “

“Several times Simas has saved us damage to our house by timely redoing of poor works by others, such as exterior windows not properly prepared resulting in the paint peeling off after less then 18 months leaving the window frames exposed to the elements. No problems since Simas prepared the job properly and finished it carefully. “





Keirnan Murphy, N5, London

“Simas is a rare gem in that he really cares about his work.  I hired Simas to paint a property in between tenants so we didn’t have much time.

He turned up when he said he would, he did a fantastic job and was great at leaving the place clean and tidy afterwards.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a charming, quick and reasonable decorator!”





Jessica van der Wiel, North London

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